Ironman Triathlon Gear


Ironman Triathlon Gear

It’s an unfortunate fact that Triathlon and Iron-Distance in particular are sport that require A LOT of kit. While it’s fun and even motivating to buy kit your wallet probably disagrees. Unfortunately, there is just no way around some of these things. You will need to buy some kit or At least have access to it. But if you were to buy every piece of kit, gear or gismo out there it would cost a fortune. And a vast majority of it is not necessary. Nice sometimes, but not essential.

My Guide to Ironman triathlon gear will endeavour to show you what KIT you really need and what is useful while also helping you make any kit choices. As the market is VAST and the variations huge. A lot of this info and advice would equally be useful for shorter course triathlons.

Essentials Page

You won’t get far without these Items. These are things that you really have to have in one form or another. In fact, quite a few are required by the rules. Others are simply must haves. I will guide you through the essential kit and review the popular market products.

Very useful Page

This is more geared towards things that really help with your race/training Items that are very useful but if you don’t have you will still get round the course.


This is the next level stuff. Nothing in here is needed but can vastly improve your performance. Items in here can be completely ignored if you like. But if moving up to the next level or simply treating yourself these Items can really help.


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