HUUB Aerious II 3:5 wetsuit Review – Huubs New every-man wetsuit reviewed

HUUB made waves several years ago when they entered the wetsuit market with their new range of suits. Targetted at every level of the industry from Pro to the beginner they offered suits of great value and great performance. The innovative 3:5 Buoyancy changed the market. Now the latest suit, the HUUB Aerious 2 3:5, promises to bring maximum benefits to 85% of swimmers. Those of us who are not natural swimmers, the bikers, or runners who have learnt to swim for triathlon. Our HUUB Aerious II 3:5 wetsuit Review will cut through the marketing and see if this suit will really help you reduce your swim split.

HUUB Aerious II 3:5 wetsuit Review

What is 3:5 Bouancy?

When HUUB First hit the market one of the big selling points was their 3:5 Bouancy ratio. This was supposed to lift the legs of swimmers getting them flatter in the water. For some this was unhelpful. People with naturally perfect swim form and buoyancy didn’t need the extra lift. But most of us, especially bikers with muscle dense legs and runners who were turning to triathlon needed this correction. The added buoyancy can really transform your swim.

For Ironman distance it has the added benefit of reducing the need to kick to achieve leg lift. This allows you to dangle your legs behind and just use the arms to power the swim. This will leave the legs fresher and ready for the day of abuse ahead.

There is no doubt in my mind this is more than just marketing bluff. I would not race in anything but a 3:5 suit now. The first time I swam in a HUUB I was utterly converted. But HUUB is not the only ones to offer this now so is HUUB’s new suit still worth the investment?



The Aerious II 3:5 is a phenomenally fast suit. The Construction and materials used make for an ultra-lightweight feel. Think Surgical glove feel. It moulds and stretches around your body making for an ultra tight fit but one that still gives maximum flexibility. In the Water, the combination of rear leg buoyancy (3:5) and the water repellant (Hydrophobic) coating turns you into a shape that just slips effortlessly through the water. It’s a great feeling and I have rarely felt faster in the water.

The Negative side to this is the Dryland feeling. When on land the suit can feel restrictive and tight on your chest, this can lead to a little anxiety pre-swim. But rest assured the no-compromise suit transforms when it his the water. Like a fish, this suit is not designed for land and can be clunky and un-weilding but in the water, it’s right at home.

HUUB Aerious II 3 5 Wetsuit


Overall the Suit is very buoyant and you happily bob about well out of the water. When Swimming it lifts the legs right up at the back giving a really flat level swim. Most of a swimmers drag is caused by an unlevel swimming position presenting the whole front of the body to the flow. By lifting the legs up you present a lot less frontal area and reduce drag. This is the single biggest improvement you can have on your swim. Every single Personal Best I have recorded is in a 3:5 Suit.


HUUB Aerious II 3 5 Wetsuit

The Suit uses the latest Neoprene and is super light and flexible. As we said think surgical glove fit. The Hydrophobic material also helps the suit glide through the water in the same way the Speedsuits allowed swimmers to Decimate world records before they were banned. In triathlon this tech is legal when applied to a wetsuit.

The Thin flexible nature of the suit is naturally not going to give the best thermal protection. For most this is not the biggest issue. Triathletes tend to swim in moderately cool water and when swimming the body temp stays pretty high. Most Athletes could complete the swim without a suit so thermal protection isn’t the biggest concern for most.

But if you are a very slow swimmer who may have to spend a long time in a particularly cold swim this may not be the suit for you!



The other concern is the Longevity. This is a race suit and feels like a race suit. The light flexible material doesn’t feel like its going to hold together for a long time. This may just be a trade-off between having one of the fastest suits around. We are not saying it’s made of toilet paper and will fall apart first time out but it’s naturally not going to last YEARS like some of the cheaper thicker suits do. HUUB themselves do not seem too concerned and offer an 18-month Warranty on all suits so expect a minimum of two seasons racing out of it. Probably more.

The fragile nature of the suit can lead to issues getting the thing on. Care must be taken to not push your nails through the suit. You should minimise how much you yank on certain parts as well. Inching the suit up little by little is the way to go.

To Maximise the life of the suit follow all guidelines on storing and cleaning after use. The quickest way to ruin a suit is to leave it wet and dirty for extended periods. Also with most wetsuits, the first point of failure is the seams. These are strengthened by little round pads that add an incredible amount of extra strength. Check these regularly as they do fall off. Super glueing these back into place can add years to the life of a suit!


HUUB Aerious II 3 5 Wetsuit

In the Triathlon world, there seems no end to the expense some will pay for things but we never like to pay more than is needed. And the HUUB Aerious II is a serious outlay for a suit. HUUB want £449 for the suit which seems an eyewatering amount. We are not sure we can really say that is good value. Wiggle.co.uk have the suits currently at £300-350 depending on size, limited stock but at that price, we think the investment is probably worth it over a more reasonably priced suit.

Buying Guide

When purchasing a suit it is imperative to get the right size. The only way you will ever truly find the perfect fit is to try a suit on. One of the easiest ways to do this is to visit a local retailer and try on the various sizes and take some expert advice. This, however, doesn’t give you the advantages of online shopping. The low prices and convenient home delivery. One way around this is to ensure you shop online at a retailer that offers great returns policies. Wiggle.co.uk have free no quibble returns for any reason and not fitting is a perfectly valid reason. This way you can order the best fit size based on the guidelines then be safe in the knowledge you can return it hassle-free should it not be quite right.

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Budget – HUUB Ageis II 

Top end – HUUB Archmedies II



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