Ironman Wales Training – My Personal Training Blog – October – November 2016 Autumn update

Along with all my posts and pages aimed at helping the beginner triathlete I have decided to Blog about my own monthly exploits as I prepare and train for Ironman Wales 2017. Here is my First instalment.

October and November 2016 were my first two months of base training. My plan was 2 swims a week 2 runs a week and 2-3 Bike sessions.

Planroad forest season autumn

All my bike sessions were to be indoors on the turbo trainer, using Trainerroad.com Using the sweet spot base training plan.

My runs would be local road and trail runs on my regular routes up to around 10 miles. I then had a Half Marathon race on November the 20th at Conwy Wales.

Swim would be pool based sessions. A stamina based CSS session 200m @ 3:30 with 30 secs rest repeated. And a mixed set of distance and speed work with my swim buddies on a Friday evening, when most are in the pub.

Mixed fortunes

My Swimming is coming along nicely I have been upping distance and pacing my swims very well.

My Bike has come on great too and I am really where I want to be this time of year. All going great.

My Run is a big problem though. I am suffering a large amount of tendon pain when running for anything over 1 mile. I rested it for around 4 weeks meaning the planned half marathon was off the cards. But even after that its still very sore after any kind of running. I will be targeting strengthening exercises over the coming weeks to try and remove the pain.

I also lost a week to illness, nothing serious just a cold that was doing the rounds. I also then suffered some back pain. All in I missed nearly 2 weeks training. But these setback are to be expected and not something to get upset about. Just get back on the horse and carry on. Consistency over a long period is what leads to results.

Dataturbo suffering


Swims : 5 session 9,000 meters

Bike : 9 session 102 miles FTP: 210 w (Approx.)

Run : 6 session 19.1 miles

Weight: 14 stone 13 lbs

November :

Swims : 5 session 8,000 meters

Bike : 7 session 100 miles FTP: 233 w (Approx.)

Run : 3 session 10 miles

Weight:  14 stone 11 lbs

December plan

The plan for December is to Finish the Sweet Spot Base plan and hopefully test higher when I start a new plan late December. I will continue my swim as is and also do some tests mid month to see if my CSS is improved. Running will be Off road and Barefoot in a bid to increase my foot strength hopefully relieving me of the ankle pain I have been getting.

Late December is obviously holiday season an I don’t expect my training to hinder the party too much. It base season and I can afford to relax and enjoy myself on top of the training. I also have a large amount of time off work and this will be dedicated to long off road runs in the hills. One of my favourite past times. Fingers crossed for snow.

I will be concentrating a lot on weight too through December I am still carrying far to much weight for this time of the year so December cannot be a month of too much excess without hard training to compensate.

A trip to New York early on will allow me to log some very exciting Strava segments.

Further ahead

The Focus in late winter will be really ramping up the intensity to build strength and fitness ready to build the endurance out in spring. Diet will be my number one focus come January as I attempt to lean up ready for a spring/summer of intense hill climbing.

Its not been a great start to my Seasons training. A year off has took its toll on my fitness and weight but its all starting to come back and the weight is falling off.

Still definitely on target for a Sub 12 Time in Wales.

Swim Start at Ironman Wales

See you next time for another thrilling instalment.

Stephen James

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